Fifth Sun

by Lycia

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released June 22, 2010

all songs written, performed and recorded by Lycia

songs 1-6

Tara Vanflower: vocals
Mike VanPortfleet: guitars, bass, vocals, drum programs

recorded fall 2009 to summer 2010

mixed by Mike VanPortfleet

songs 7-8

David Galas: bass, synth, drum programs
Tara Vanflower: vocals
Mike VanPortfleet: guitars, vocals

recorded various times 2006 & 2007

mixed by David Galas

mix assistance by Mike VanPortfleet

mastered by James Plotkin

cover photo by Mike VanPortfleet

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Lycia Arizona

Lycia is a darkwave atmospheric band that was formed in 1988. The current lineup is Mike VanPortfleet, David Galas and Tara Vanflower. John Fair and Will Welch were early members of the band. Lycia has released 10 full length studio albums (including one under the Bleak name), 1 live album, 2 compilation albums, 3 EPs, 1 split 7” single (with Black Mare) and appeared on over 50 VA compilations. ... more

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Track Name: Cull
black sea, black death
we burn, we laugh
pale horse, strange star
we walk the sea, our hearts are ours
red skin, dead sea
our souls are empty
sister sun, brother moon
the earth is still, our hearts consume
black skies shine reflect the sea
skin and hair and blood and teeth
across the stars the heavens bleed
come with me, oh, come with me
our hands, our tongue
catching stars, queen of heaven
time stops, time starts
another place, another scar
walk the sea, walk the sky
dark matter swallows, Orion dies
brother moon, sister sun
we are together, we are one
sky opens, we ascend
our time is forever, take my hand
birds cry, earth mourns
we are lost, we all burn
black death, black sea
we are together for eternity
sister sun, brother moon
the earth is still, our hearts consume
Track Name: Fifth Sun
sky turns red stained with our sin
waiting for the sun to burn away our skin
black hands hold hearts, heavy and alive
blood fills our eyes our flesh is divine
waiting, for our god to rise
serpent tongue flicking at the sky
blood flows to dirt, cover broken feet
cut the heart with stone, such a strange sweet meat
going to the temple at night
shining like glass, blinding our sight
we left our heart, burning in the sun
another one falls down for feather scale and tongue
climbing, the stairs towards the sky
another one falls down, another sacrifice
our death fills the air and the earth
time stops again a blood scented birth
watch the sun rise
watch the sun die
Track Name: Sky And Sea
watch the sky
stars fall like souls dying
watch the sky
like drops in the ocean, forgotten
watch the sky
we are like animals, crawling
watch the sky
onto the shores of lost time
sky and sea
watch the sea
we become one with the ocean
watch the sea
rolling like clouds over desert floors
watch the sea
whisper favors to dead gods
watch the sea
waves crash and the sky opens
sky and sea
watch the sky
the stars guide our bodies
watch the sky
they whisper secrets long forgotten
sky and sea
Track Name: Fall Down In The Sun
turn your face to the sun
welcome your faith
we are one
the dream
never ends
the skin
from dirt
grows again
find the light
we all believe Christmas night
a cold body in the rock
the sun explodes
stops the clock
we all fall down in the sun
Track Name: End Day Again
as we descend
towards the coast again
we arrive, we anticipate
the glory and the power of the end day
bright star, great wave, reborn for the last time
new sun ascends
back and forth
through time again
we revive, we anticipate
the glory and the power of the end day
bright star, great wave, reborn for the last time
the desert floor is cracked and dead
ten thousand years have passed
and here we are again
another day is gone
another time is over
and here we wait again
and here we wait for the end day
again, again, again, again
bright star, great wave, reborn for the last time
Track Name: We Sleep In Winter
I watch the sun fall over you
our breath is one
we open to
your beating heart
our blood in bloom
the earth is ours
our world our womb
our beatless heart awakens new
the skin of stars
reflecting you
our mother time
our mother dies
whisper your secrets
igniting fires
lay your head down
we fell into the earth, the sea
and swallowed stars
and eternity
I will be your mother
you will be my tree
our limbs will flower
and set us free
I watched the stars, fall over you
our breath is one, our hearts are new
Track Name: North Town
in the fall of the day
from the top of the north town
to the line of the lay
round and down
in the dawn through the gray
from a field and the wet ground
north town day
long gone
fall day
through the fog of the day
near the hill of the north town
faded green, brown and gray
round and down
on the wall down the way
view the line of the north town
north town day
long gone
fall day
on a fall day on a gray day
on a fall day on a cold day
Track Name: The Dreaming Body
fall day