Quiet Moments

by Lycia

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released August 20, 2013

all songs written, performed and recorded by Mike VanPortfleet

Tara Vanflower: additional vocals on Spring Trees and The Soil Is Dead

recorded 2006 to January 2013

mixed by Mike VanPortfleet

mastered by James Plotkin

cover photo from the family collection

limited edition CD was released by Handmade Birds Records and is sold out

Official Lycia Merch: www.hellomerch.com/collections/lycia

© 2013 LyciumMusic BMI



all rights reserved


Lycia Arizona

Lycia is a darkwave atmospheric band that was formed in 1988. The current lineup is Mike VanPortfleet, David Galas and Tara Vanflower. John Fair and Will Welch were early members of the band. Lycia has released 10 full length studio albums (including one under the Bleak name), 1 live album, 2 compilation albums, 3 EPs, 1 split 7” single (with Black Mare) and appeared on over 50 VA compilations. ... more

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Track Name: Quiet Moments
I don’t mean to be, I don’t mean to be…mean
things just seem to be quiet and unseen for me
quiet is the day, quiet is the day
there’s nothing left for me, left for me to say…today
I don’t mean to be, I don’t mean to be…mean
Track Name: The Visitor
down the hall they’re off to see
the members of their families
on days like this it’s hard to be
anything but lonely
I wait and wait and hope to see
someone from my family
will no one come and visit me?
I could use the company
I could use the company
Track Name: Antarctica
I see old pictures of a boy (me)
standing, so alone and far away
buried for miles and miles and miles
no one knows (remember?) I lived here
every direction looks the same, the same
the snow and the wind and the ice
frozen for miles and miles and miles
no one knows (remember?) I lived here
Track Name: Greenland
on the violent seas to the promised land
our dreams can be real
the sun will rise over golden fields
our dreams will be real
days, they come and go (cold)
on the icy shores of the frozen land
the truth is revealed
deep inside my soul, buried deep inside
the truth is revealed
days, they come and go (cold)
Track Name: Grand Rapids
framed in foggy cold mist
street lights glare and glow
tires on the wet roads
singing down below
in sleep I see the city
from building tops alone
fading childhood memories
this never, can ever, be my home
Track Name: Spring Trees
to see the wonder in his eyes
erases all these troubled thoughts and troubled times
I'll sacrifice me…for we
his happiness seems to be
the beating heart of our family
I'll sacrifice me…for we
and it seems to be
the fulfillment of our destinies, today, today
and it seems to be
the perfect snapshot of our destinies, our destinies
seasons come, seasons go
so much to learn, so much to know
I'll sacrifice me…for we
spring trees bloom and revive
all future hopes will survive
I'll sacrifice me…for we
Track Name: The Wind Sings
why don’t we take some time
and leave this place behind
let’s pretend we’re young
and on a drive in better times
listen to the wind
it sings to me, I’m listening
why don’t we take some time
and leave this place behind, behind
Track Name: Dead Leaves Fall
he moves in front of me
deep in the woods no one can see
a quiet anger burns in me
dead leaves fall
(he doesn’t know that I know)
no second thoughts…delay
today’s the day I’ll make him pay
a perfect autumn sunny day
dead leaves fall
(he doesn’t know that I know)
Track Name: Dead Star, Cold Star
the bright sun, the blue skies
this summer day fades…
our destiny awaits
the end day is here
the sky reveals our fate
afraid we wait to become one
with the dead star, cold star
Track Name: The Soil Is Dead
it’s like the soil is dead