The Burning Circle And Then Dust

by Lycia

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released April 3, 1995

all songs written, performed and recorded by Lycia

David Galas: bass, synth, drum programs
Tara Vanflower: vocals
Mike VanPortfleet: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, synth, drum programs

recorded April to December 1994

mixed by David Galas

remastered August 2017 by Martin Bowes

cover photo by Mike VanPortfleet and David Galas

the original CD was released by Projekt Records and is no longer in print

the 2006 Silber Records single CD reissue is also no longer in print

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© 1995 LyciumMusic BMI



all rights reserved


Lycia Arizona

Lycia is a darkwave atmospheric band that was formed in 1988. The current lineup is Mike VanPortfleet, David Galas and Tara Vanflower. John Fair and Will Welch were early members of the band. Lycia has released 10 full length studio albums (including one under the Bleak name), 1 live album, 2 compilation albums, 3 EPs, 1 split 7” single (with Black Mare) and appeared on over 50 VA compilations. ... more

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Track Name: A Presence In The Woods
I stare out towards the woods and I pray that you're there
hopelessly stare at the sky as I breathe in this air
everything fades for awhile and I feel your sweet breath
a few precious moments of this, I adore, and I feel you

and I can feel you
and I can feel your everything
your everything...

I am so happy you're here, at long last peace is found
I will never again drift so low, be so down
and just maybe someday I will feel your caress
but for now I stand here in the woods, and I feel you
Track Name: Wandering Soul
then every single thing fades
and I think about the day, that we...
might finally be together
oh, I need to know, yes, I need to know

hope sinks low on this lonely day
I wander around and get in my car and drive
worked so hard, worked for everything
but now I'm alone, so I'll just drive and drive

I'll just drift from here to there
just trying to forget...this all
and...all these things I only dream of
and...all the things I'll never have...never
Track Name: Sleepless
I can't think, think about anything
I can't think of anything at all
my thoughts drift but keep coming back to you
face to the ground, eyes closed hard

I still care

I can't sleep, I just lay here awake
sleep comes but quickly fades away
I'll just lay here and wait for the morning sun
sleepless again, eyes closed hard

I still care, I care, I care...
Track Name: The Return Of Nothing
has your love passed away?
and do you think of me at night in stormy weather?
and when the clouds burn away...
and the sun beats so deeper and brighter?
does your memory fade...
when you think about all the things that we dreamed of?
does your heart drift away in the morning time...
as frustration prevails, prevails?
...for awhile?

is everything all right?
why have you run from me?
why have you left me forever?
did I scare you away?
or is this something that I only dreamed of?
so is this your good-bye?
cloaked in silence...have you left me forever?
you seem so far away
and I can't help but think how frustration prevails
prevails...for awhile
Track Name: Pray
everyday I pray for you
everyday I pray
every night I think about...
everyday I pray
I pray...
for better things to come
Track Name: The Better Things To Come
I'll wait each and everyday
I'll wait for better things to come

everything will go my way
if I just wait patiently
all this sadness fades away
with better things to come

the better things to come
Track Name: Where Has All The Time Gone?
Mother, Mother, Mother
where has all the time gone?
Track Name: Anywhere But Home
I remember things, things from long ago
days that were so bare, times that seemed so low

I don't think that we can ever be together
anywhere but home

take me in your arms, smile for me again
please don't ever leave, this must never end

I am so alive, why must this now end?
I will never be quite the same again
Track Name: Slip Away
I crawl out in the morning time and I am fine
and then I breathe in this air and I slide
why does it always end up like this?
and what is the meaning of my decline?

I drift out and I drift out far, and I surmise...
that just everything that I've felt has declined
why did you leave me adrift like this?
and what is the meaning of our decline?

I could have had it all
but I let it slip away
Track Name: The Last Day
it's the last day and I'm better
I'm better

no more waiting like this
it's over

today's the last day
now I'm better
I'm better

and I can now see it all
and I can now see just everything
Track Name: Nine Hours Later
I climb to the mountain, to the top of the mountain
and nine hours later I stop in despair
I try to envision the face of the girl
but she's so far away from the top of the world
she's the girl I love

this dark and cold of winter makes me so lonely
so sad and lonely in this dark room
and then for one moment, a deep and warm embrace
and nine hours later, she waits for me
she's the girl I love

at least for awhile, this all fades away
this all fades away
Track Name: Nimble
you are my skin stretched soft
cover my bones
like grass on an ancient grave
moss on a forgotten stone
nimble fingers feel you feel me
eyes pushed wide open to heaven

tears from Christ fall down cover me
"the gentle salt of pious tears"
slides down my cheeks
"across my open lips tastes tongue gently"
fantastic this love
"in heaven love... angel's wings beat"
like sand beneath the sea
and the tiny star blinks and I missed it
"the past was stolen"
stare into vast grey skies
"pin lights dance in cold grey eyes"
the faeries playing firefly
"and you beneath me...wet grass shimmering"
fly with me forever
Track Name: The Facade Fades
everything fades
as I decline
this facade burns away
and behind it all...
...lies nothing but emptiness and pain
Track Name: Resigned
then she and I
drove out to the country
and I felt fine
but she seemed lonely
and so resigned
it seeped deep into me
and then she cried
and pulled away from me
Track Name: Surrender
you with me in heaven
floating like ribbon in the sea of tranquility
the perfume of your soul intoxicating
water in cascades
fall with me into the arms of angels
the feather touch of kisses
into the light forever
tongues twist in time to oblivion
water rising higher
and we sink into the sea
lungs filled...smiles explode
and home again
(time stands frozen forever)
and in my arms you stay
(like a baby to my breast you stay)
the stars fall to earth and we catch them
the sugar of your kiss reflects them
eyes wide like oceans vast
inside with me chosen at last
"time in the presence of the garden never-ending
rib fit firmly back in place
the circle complete as the skies explode
the blessing of angels cry down on us
like diamond chips our flesh glistens
wet and soft with the tears of the cherubim"
Track Name: These Memories Pass
and then I prevail again, again
as all these memories pass again
I look ahead to the new day again
please no more dark days, dark days, again, again

and from the top of the mountain
I stare down on new flowers
and go straight into a new day
and I see the new flowers
and I drift down towards a new day
and I feel like new flowers
now I'm on the steps of a new day
and new flowers, and new flowers
Track Name: The Burning Circle
and in a flash it the fire, in the pain
the burning spiral burns again
for the last time, and then it fades
the dust it settles all around
and through the fire comes better days
and all these memories burn away
and the circle fades

and all of this I leave behind
and I watch it fade
and all of this I leave behind
and I welcome better days

and in the light it flickers...the new fire, the new day
the night sky beats down hard again
with just a smile and no pain
the dust it settles all around
and through the fire comes better days
and all these memories burn away
and the circle fades
Track Name: The New Day
the haze fades, she speaks in tongues of brighter days
I sink back, I'm so afraid in every way
the past fades, she sings the song of brighter days
I reach out, she takes me into brighter days

and I can feel again, no for the first time
our souls embrace, my heart beats for the first time
grey days are gone, my heart sings for the first time
the sun beats down on me, no for the first time

the brand new day is here, I will never leave you
the brand new day is here, I will always love you
the brand new day is here, I will never leave you
just take my hand and stay with me forever