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Daniel Tuttle
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Daniel Tuttle Cold is the perfect album for rain and storms. It simply does not get better than this. It is tranquil, dark and gritty while being quintessentially ethereal and gorgeous. I could never recommend an album more highly. Favorite track: Snowdrop.
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released October 8, 1996

remastered with an additional track

all songs written, performed and recorded by Lycia

David Galas: bass, synth, drum programs
Tara Vanflower: vocals
Mike VanPortfleet: vocals, guitars, synth, drum programs

recorded January to February 1996

mixed by David Galas

remastered for vinyl spring 2013 by James Plotkin

cover photo by Tondalaya

the original CD was released by Projekt Records and is no longer in print

the Silber Records 2007 reissue is still available on CD

the Handmade Birds Records 2013 limited edition vinyl reissue may still be available from retail outlets

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all rights reserved


Lycia Arizona

Lycia is a darkwave atmospheric band that was formed in 1988. The current lineup is Mike VanPortfleet, David Galas and Tara Vanflower. John Fair and Will Welch were early members of the band. Lycia has released 10 full length studio albums (including one under the Bleak name), 1 live album, 2 compilation albums, 3 EPs, 1 split 7” single (with Black Mare) and appeared on over 50 VA compilations. ... more

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Track Name: Frozen
and then I drift far, and wither so hard
I'm distant...I fade, so far now...away

and then I...drift so far
I'm fading...sink so hard

my eyes fade, sink hard, so frozen, so far
the wind beats...and I, drift so far...then slide

I don't think that I will ever feel the same
and I don't think that this day will ever fade
I'm so frozen and so caught up in this day
I'm so frozen and so lost in this cold day
Track Name: Bare
I stagger out into this fading day
the mood is vacant and the clouds are grey
this day seems so bare and this air is so cold
I look around, then slide...I feel so old

and then I think about the little things I think about
and then I feel and I remember
and then I look around and see the things I always see
then I slip hard as I remember
and then I...
Track Name: Baltica
snowflake skin
Cheshire grin
frozen in space
I'll twist your face

my empire vast
this night breaks fast
you fall down dead
I've crushed your head
Track Name: Colder
the day has come for everything to change
as I slip in the cold, and I fade
the time has come for everything to fade
as I slip in the cold...and I'm colder
Track Name: Snowdrop
I am seeing Christmas
in the garden with Venus
in my eyes they kiss
oh, to be involved in this

all the aching signs we miss
to live in purple scarlet bliss
and swim with jeweled golden fish
and breathe the autumn air so crisp
Track Name: Drifting
mother Mary, feel me prevail...
you're not anything at all
drifting, fading, clean, sharp detail...
you're not anything at all
stationary, vivid and clear...
you're not anything at all
mother Mary, save your tears...
I'm not anything at all

I don't think that I, I don't think that I...
can feel anything at all, and I...

mother Mary, broken and pale...
you're not anything at all
watching, waiting, withered and frail...
you're not anything at all
visionary, wasted, stagnant years...
you're not anything at all
mother Mary, silence your fears...
I'm not anything at all

mother Mary, feel me fade
hear me whisper, hear me fade
drifting, waiting, feel me fade
in the distance, far away
Track Name: December
please let me...
these last days...
this glory slips away
Track Name: Polaris
I am loving again, I am loving again
I am nothing again, I am nothing again
Track Name: Later
I see the sky so blue and it reaches to me
and then it crashes down...reality sinks deep
and then I coil back and sink into defeat
the day is just so cold, my whispers so discreet

I hide in this dark room, this dark warm eases me
the pain's so far away...this time drags perfectly
it's late and I am here...this night is mine to keep
my perfect quiet's late and I'm at peace

the night sky seems so pure
I breathe so deep and I am here
this dark room is so pure
I sink so deep and I am free
Track Name: Everything Is Cold
life is so bare, life is so, so bare
we must not run, must not fight, we must stay here forever
everything is cold, everything is cold
I am such a child, just let me take this away...again

everyday I pray for love of...
life, everyday I pray for love of...

life is so bare, life is so, so bare
I don't think that I can take this again
everything is cold, everything is cold
I am such a liar, just let me throw this away...again